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Wave Display System




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Wave Display System

The Isoframe Wave Display System is an extremely versatile modular and portable system that can can be formed into many different shapes instantly. Simply bend the bays to the curve you desire or to fit any size stand you may be in. Rigid bays are also available. This system can truly give you portability allied with an eye catching stand layout. 


With judicious design, the display can be extended or reduced without reprinting the graphics, use either more or less bays to fit your space. As the graphics are all the same width, they can be hung in any order if designed to do so.... Of course, you can also continue to use as one flowing image by adjusting the bends and curves to fit your space.


There are many accessories availble that can be attached to the system, such as shelving, media screens/TV's and attachable tables for brochures, product samples or keyboards. There is also a range of free standing tables and counters for even more versatility.


The Isoframe Wave Display is a tool-less assembly system easily transportable by car, there are a variety of transport cases to choose from. The simple assembly method and same size graphics throughout the system allows for easy reconfiguration and repositioning. Download assembly leaflet here


As this sytsem has so many variants, please call 01473 601234 for a quotation 


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Various Tables can be attached.......


...easily transportable by car,there are a variety of transport cases...


... a range of free standing tables and counters...









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