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Location Photography

My name is Roger Barcham, I am an Ipswich based Professional Photographer and my business is to provide creative commercial photography to aid the promotion of all types of industry. My Location photography, although based in Ipswich, Suffolk has been undertaken in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Colchester in Essex and throughout East Anglia and the UK. I have visited various engineering works, nuclear power plants, offices, bridges, lorry parks, kitchens, basements, roofs, as far afield as even the desert of the UAE.

Unlike my studio photography, where I begin with a blank canvas, commercial location photography necessitates working with and creating from an already situated environment. When undertaking Location Photography, the challenge is to create a picture that portrays the location in an eye catching manner to enhance a clients image. I have a number of clients that are offered late rate advertising and advertorial deals because publishers know they can rely on the quality of images that will be provided from my clients portfolio, which we have accrued over a period of time.

Location photography is not just a case of turning up with a camera, I carry my own location lighting to ensure the photographs have a professional sparkle and contrast, whatever the weather. 

Please browse my portfolio below for examples of my work.

Please also take the time to browse my studio photography and other portfolio's.


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