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Pavement sign



Pavement Sign - Outdoor Weighted Poster Display

A Pavement Sign is an effective, easy to use outdoor poster display system and is suitable for indoor or outdoor promotions. Consists of twin A1 snap frame display for quick and easy poster changes, on twin spring mounts and a water fillable base for stability. The wheeled base with moulded handle allows for ease of use when filled. 

Durable outdoor snap lock frame
Water filled base capacity 25L
Footprint, 790mm wide x 500mm deep
Overall height, 1175mm
Net weight, 12.8KG (empty)

Price :
£97.00 (excluding graphics)
£125.00 (including 2 A1 posters)
£15.00 per extra A1 posters

Price excludes VAT and Delivery

Quantity discounts available, please call or contact us

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